Thursday, May 29, 2014

Milestones Worth Celebrating!

Happy Thursday!  

This year my school is doing an "abc countdown" and tomorrow is already "Veggie Day" bring Veggies for snack.  We are running out of days!  As a new blogger I am constantly admiring other blogs so I decided to link up with David's Make Moments Matter blog to celebrate the year!

School Highlights


~ Students performed their first trilingual concert!  The 2nd Grade Concert included Chinese and Spanish Immersion Students who performed both languages as well as English!
~ Students prepared and performed based on their units of inquiry (it's an IB school)
~ I had my first (and hopefully only) year teaching music from a cart
~ My Spanish GREATLY improved with the help of immersion and my co-teacher Carlos (from Spain)
~ HONK! Jr. was very cute and for the first time ever we offered a course for Behind the Scenes where students designed the set, props, costumes, and were crew for the night of


~ Students performed John Jacobson's "Spaced Out!" to tie into their unit on space
~ The Spanish Immersion classes performed at the district wide Festival of Cultures
~ One of my 2nd Grade Classes will be performing Alternate Routes song "Nothing More" more on that to come :)


~ I reached over 6,500 followers on Pinterest!
~ I started a blog!
~ I stared a Facebook Page for my blog
~ I am in line for a blog design by A Bird in Hand Designs at the end of next month!

Home Life

~ We are house hunting- an exciting and scary process!

.......Oh my, I think I need to focus a bit more on this next year.... How do you balance work and home?

It's been a crazy, exciting, professionally focused year!

Off to get some "home life" accomplished !

Thanks for reading,

~ Kate