Saturday, September 27, 2014

Behavior in Music

I have been reflecting on the first month of school and wanted to share some successes and struggles.


K: Four corners using Lindsay's Four Voices posters with great success and fun
1st: Students have sung in Spanish and played ta and ti-ti rhythms on tubano
2nd: My Spanish students translated "Pobre Gatito" back into "Poor Little Kitty Cat"
3rd and 4th: Students have already done movement in boy girl pairs (and handled it!)
5th: Students have auditioned in small groups for the district wide choir concert (The Big Sing!).  I am very excited about their tone and support!
6th grade choir of 20 has read rhythm cards in two parts and they are beginning work on Zum Gali Gali

This first month has really flown by!  There is so much to do and so much that has already been done.


As I adjust to my new school I have struggled with some behavior issues.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, Dazzling Discipline, I hold the class accountable for our expectations by flipping our posted rules backwards when we need to fix them.  I also use a resting spot for students that need to reset for a minute.

As a young teacher, I have worked in a variety of schools each with their own ideas about discipline and how to handle behavior issues:

Buddy Room: If the student is unable to fix their behavior and they have lost the privilege of being in their classroom they go to a neighboring classroom for a break.  In some schools, the Buddy Room teacher helps them process and return to their regular class.  Others feel that the Buddy Room is a place for students to go until their regular teacher can process with them.

Stop and Think:  Some schools have a behavioral specialist.  The room or space can be called many things but the staff in the room process through the behavior with the student.  It is up to the staff of the behavior room to prepare the student to return to class ready to learn.

Principal/ Dean of Students:  If a student struggles, they go to the office.  The student waits in the office until someone can process with them.  The person in the office prepares the student to return to class and assigns any consequences.

None of the Above: My current school is moving towards PBIS certification.  The focus now is on positive behavior and rewarding it.  After winter break, the school PBIS team will develop consequences and procedures at their winter training.  Right now, each teacher handles things differently.  Some teachers fill out behavior reports, some use loss of privilege, some use buddy rooms, some just ignore behavior.

This year if "Take a Rest" hasn't worked with a student (or if the behavior has been extreme), I have found a time to conference one on one and talk about the behavior.  I am still getting to know my students and talking with them after the fact really helps us both understand what happened, and how to fix it.

Some students have called home to let them know how music has been going.  In my district calling home when a student is struggling is welcomed and expected.  I try and set up a goal with the student.  Usually the reward of meeting the goal is having the student call home to report positive behavior.

I am also starting call home with students who are excelling in music.  Although it takes time, it makes their day, and mine!  What do you do to acknowledge students who go above and beyond?

What do you do for those individual students who struggle but do not receive services?

Do you call home? Do the students call home? Do you use sticker charts? Does your school have a system you find effective?  

Please share your thoughts!

Have a fantastic day!