Saturday, November 7, 2015

November Small Goals 2015

Happy November!

 I have linked up with The Yellow Brick Road in hopes to hold myself accountable to meeting my goals!

I have been a bit behind on my blog, I was out busy planning a wedding and getting married!  I will soon write a post about the beautiful music nerd wedding we had :)

I am so happy but I am still settling into this role of "wife."  Our household roles are a bit reverse.  I am very, very spoiled and Jeff is a fabulous cook even with our mainly vegan appetites.  This left our housework a bit uneven.  I have been providing the bathroom cleaning and laundry and I was still not really pulling my weight around the house.  To even things out, I will now be in charge of our finances and budget.

Small Goal #1

Sort out our "normal" budget now that the wedding expenses are done.  I have been searching the internet for a great plan that fits our lives and I haven't found exactly what I want yet.  We are using and some excel documents I have created

Small Goal # 2

Write the rest of the wedding Thank Yous!  We were very lucky to have so much DIY help!

Small Goal # 3

Continue work on my Woodland Animals Decor Bundle on TPT.  So far I have Hand Sign Posters  and Ensemble Groups Posters completed!


Small Goal #4

Streamline my before school/after school routine.  I would love to be more consistent with gradebook entries and positive calls home.  I am going to make an after school checklist to help me organize my end of the day routine.

What are your goals?  What are your after school routines?

Please comment below!

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