Friday, April 18, 2014

First Blog Entry!

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I am so excited to start blogging but as you can see, I am just getting set up :)

About Me

This is my fourth year teaching music and I love it!

My school has an optional Spanish Immersion Program so I have been learning a lot of new songs and games and my Spanish vocabulary is growing

I am preparing items to sell on TPT (more on that soon)

I just bought a brand new Mac for home so I can sell on TPT

This summer I will be teaching a Movie Magic Course for elementary students.  We will compose and create music videos to go with our compositions.

I teach in Minnesota and yesterday was our 8th Snow Day of the year (yes, on April 17th) 

About the Blog

This blog will focus on what I am learning and teaching.  After falling in love with Pinterest I wanted to have a way to share what I have found and what I am doing in my room.  

I have a very eclectic set of interests as a music teacher.  I have a Kodaly base and I have been expanding to add more Orff.  I am very interested in World Music and Technology.  I explore it all!

Still working on adding fancy buttons but follow me on Pinterest!  Songbird Serenade  

Look for my lovely little bird!

Have a great day!

~ Kate

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