Monday, June 9, 2014

End of the Year/ Music Sub Tub Ideas

Packing Up!

   On my first day of summer vacation, I thought I would catch up on my blog!  I have packed up my classroom for the year and it looks pretty empty.
    I still have the Music Rules from Lindsay Jervis up ready for the fall.  The rules spell out music and they each have a song to go with them.
   They worked so well for me!  By the end of the year, I could just hum the tune to the rule and students will self correct behavior!

To keep dust out for the summer I have covered all of my instrument shelves with paper and written what is under it.

Some rooms are used for summer school so I left out basic pencils, pens, scissors, etc.

All of the resources I need for the summer are loaded up on the cart to bring home

Sub Tub

Before leaving for the summer I really wanted to collect materials for a sub tub.   I work very hard to leave lesson plans for a sub instead of movies.  In our district we are typically able to have a music sub or at least someone who feels comfortable singing in front of kids.  We have a few retired music teachers who can lead my normal lesson but sometimes we have a sub who is terrified of subbing in music.

So far, here is what it contains:

My Many Colored Days Kit: Book, Scarves and CD I also have the old VHS with the Minnesota Orchestra.

The manilla envelopes are full of games for note naming stations for my older kids.  These are things I have purchased on Teachers Pay Teachers:
Amy Abbott's Let's Go Fly a Kite Treble Clef Review: Students get to add letter bows to the bottom of the kite to match the notes on the treble clef
Aileen Miracle's Visuals and Activities for the Treble Clef: Students get to match donut letters to coffee mug notes!
Emily F's Recorder Mega Set: Students get to match ice cream cones to recorder fingerings and use fly swatters to practice reading the notes on the treble clef.
Lindsay's Sol and Mi Ready Set Print Great worksheets for assessing.  She has since made many additions La, High and Low and Do
The green playing cards are Amy Abbott's Uno Inspired Treble Clef Game: Just like Uno!  The students treble clef letters and rhythms (instead of colors) to play Uno!

Mallet Madness Strikes Again and the books needed for the literacy lessons

Wee Sing Sing-A-Longs a book and CD collection of folk songs and other common songs with games and activities

After using Facebook as a professional tool, I began to hear a LOT about John Feieraband:  I purchased some of his materials this year and I love his program!
John Feierabend book collection
First Steps in Music Curriculum and CDs: I was excited to hear Jill Trinka as the vocalist on the CDs- I studied with her for my undergrad!

There are two DVDs inside:
Folk Rhythms At MMEA this year, I attended a session with Nyssa Brown and loved this DVD instantly!

Oscar's Orchestra This DVD introduces instruments of the Orchestra
Many picture books with a lesson idea typed and put inside (some add sounds for certain characters, some have a way to keep the steady beat in the story, some add instruments on key words, etc.)

My main curriculum books (GAMEPLAN) are set on top before I leave for the night with the lesson plans for the next day.  I hope that helps you start or add to your sub tub!  Please feel free to share your thoughts and what you include in your sub tub!

Thanks for reading!
~ Kate

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