Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Summer Goals

Happy Tuesday!

I am done teaching summer school and I actually slept in this morning!  I would like to set some goals for the summer both personally and professionally.  I did not take a full summer job this year, and I would like to make good use of my time (too easily I feel like the summer is gone and I didn't get anything done).

1. Get in shape.

   I have had a lot of food allergy issues since college.  The doctors thought for a long time I had food allergies, then food intolerance, after years of trying to figure out why I suddenly gained a lot of weight and had no metabolism,  we didn't find an answer.  I was a 3 season athlete in high school and it just didn't really make sense.  I have continually tried to change it with diet and exercise, but life tends to get pretty busy.  One thing that helped me was being vegan.  I think lots of my stomach stuff came from meat and dairy.  I am not a full vegan, to balance out my diet I do eat fish (I love sushi!).  That hasn't changed my weight but it really has changed how I feel.  Anyway, I think I struggle with being so busy I don't eat and then I am really hungry so I have a giant meal.  That seems to be what messes up my metabolism.
   To kickstart good habits I was looking for an exercise program/ guide for eating (not really a diet).  We had family friends that tried the 21 Day Fix and really liked it.  It's through Beachbody (the P90x people) and we are giving it a try!  I know most of you come to this page to read about music so I will write more under the Lust for Life tab about my diet and exercise in the future.

2. Blog once a week

  I have been so grateful for all of the idea, lesson, songs, materials, etc. I have found online.  The online community made my last year of teaching possible!  Although I am constantly learning and changing, I would love to attempt to contribute to the community even in a small way.

3. Sell 20 products on TPT

  My store is not open yet, I know.  I am really hoping to sell but honestly I keep seeing the things I have created!  There are many wonderful artistic teachers!  I just need to focus in and start the sales!  I am hoping to sell a lot of Spanish music products as well (or maybe a Spanish option) because I teach in a school that offers immersion.  I also have a lot of native speakers to check my work :)

4. Buy a house

  Once again, in my Lust for Life tab, I will be sharing my about my life outside of the classroom.  We have been approved for a loan and we are house hunting!  Many things are out of our control and I am really trying to be patient but I am so excited!  I want to move today into a house and grow our own food and make it a home.  However, we haven't found a house that is a great fit for us yet.  Zillow has been a big addiction!

What are your summer goals?

How do you manage your time?

Any tips to help me achieve my goals?

Thanks for reading,


  1. Love your new blog design! You will get there with TpT! Slowly but surely! Let me know when you get a freebie up and at least one paid item up and I will share your freebie on my facebook page! Remember for a freebie it should be small (10 pages or less). You can do it! :)

    Looking forward to seeing what you create!