Sunday, November 30, 2014

TPT Store is Open!


I have taken Thanksgiving Break to really focus on opening my TPT store!  I have been thinking a lot about what I would like to make and what was resources I really wanted that I couldn't find.

This fall in my new school, I really struggled to learn names and faces of all 600+ new students.  In my school we have a LOT of students with special needs that I NEEDED to know on day 1! We have become a hub for students with extreme allergies, severe diabetes and other special needs.  I was terrified that my first week I would not know which student had a severe allergy and I would cause an emergency simply by sharing mallets.  I sent out the following freebie to each classroom teacher as well as the special education teachers and our nurse.  I let the staff know this form was not needed for all students (ex: students with glasses) but only the students who would really need assistance to be successful.

When I got the papers back, I put a sticker on my seating chart by the students' names and then I attached the forms to the back.  As I was meeting my students, I learned quickly the names of my students who had special needs.  I now feel confident that a substitute would have the basic knowledge they would need for the day, without breaking any privacy concerns or keeping full IEPs locked in my room.

What tips and trick do you use to stay organized for a substitute?

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