Monday, March 16, 2015

Music In Our Schools Month!

I am just returning from Spring Break and I am a little behind on celebrating Music in Our Schools Month!

Over break, I created a pennant/banner to display in the hallway in honor of the month!  Tomorrow the students will start to decorate their banner!  I am so excited!

Also, I have reached 50 Likes on Facebook so until I get home, the product is free!
 It includes color options as well as black and white ink saving options!

TPT:   Music In Our Schools Banner!

Also in honor of the month, I just have to thank all of you!  When I started this year my walls were empty and my "Wall of Answers" is so helpful to the students and it looks incredible!  I got a LOT of compliments during conferences.

Here is an updated Classroom Tour:

As you might remember, my wall is wavy to help improve the acoustics.  That means I can't really use it for shelving or tables so it has become "The Wall of Answers."  Students are used to referencing the wall and the are so proud to more pieces every day!

Yes, it's a bird!  This is my entrance door!

Teaching in a school that offers Spanish Immersion and I was thrilled when Cori Bloom of Rhythm and Bloom posted this set!

With the big open floor plan in this room Jena Hudson of Sew Much Music's 

With the New Standards, this set from Lindsay Jervis has been very helpful.  Plus administration loves that it is posted!  National Standards

In the hallway before I even met my students this fall,  they learned of my small obsession with The Wizard of Oz.  This music advocacy set from Lindsay Jervis was too good to pass up!  

I am so grateful every day to have such a strong online community.  As a music teacher collaboration is sometimes hard to find and I just wanted to say thank you for your resources, advice and your hard work!



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